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Board Resources

Big Five is governed by a 15 member Tripartite Board of Directors. The Board is structured to provide geographic balance and ensure representation of local interest - local government, private sector organizations, and the low income, to whom our basic commitment is directed. Within each of the five counties represented by Big Five, one Board Member is elected by the low income as their representative, one Board Member is appointed by the private sector, and one Board Member is an elected official or their representative. In addition to the Governing Board, we have advisory committees and ad-hoc groups that work in some program areas in which we are involved. These persons are selected by Democratic process by members of the groups served. 

Persons interested in serving on the Big Five Board of Directors are encouraged to complete a nomination form for consideration as member positions term or are vacated. Nomination forms may be submitted to the Executive Director, Big Five Community Services, Inc., 1502 N. 1st Ave, Durant, OK 74701.

Low-Income Sector Nomination Form

Private Sector Nomination Form

Public Sector Nomination Form

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